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Daniel / Hernando

Hair type: Black / Black

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Daniel, Hernando & Diego, Daniel & Diego, Daniel, Hernando & Diego, Hernando



Pictures: 89 | Added: 12-08-2003

What a difference a day makes…

(Hey, wouldn't that make a great opening line for a song? Someone oughta do that…)

But if a day makes a lot of difference, what about a whole three months?

You'll recall it was back in August that I told you about the boy who - in my humble but not so inexperienced opinion - was the hottest hustler in the whole of Mexico City's zona rosa.


And maybe you'll recall, too, that I said at the time that Hernando suited me down to the ground because the last thing that I wanted was a "real" relationship with a boy.

Well, it seems that Hernando had other ideas all along because now we do have a relationship - though not the sort of one that you might be expecting.

We're partners now.

As in business partners.

Not, of course, that I've joined him in his business.

I'm just a little bit past the time for that.

No, Hernando's joined me in my line of work.

That's if you can call it work - photographing the hottest Latino boys I can find…

General stuff for sites like and - how shall I put it? - more unusual and specialised work for my select portfolio of private clients who have all sorts of individual requirements that can't be met anywhere else.

Anyway, once I'd done the shoot with Hernando (posted here on 25 August) he easily convinced me that, with his contacts in Mexico City's seamier underside, he'd be able to supply me with as many hot, willing and able boys as I wanted.

That's, of course, in exchange for a slice of the action.

And so, for our next shoot together, he brought along his friend Daniel.

And they certainly did seem to be good friends…

I think Hernando was keen to demonstrate just how committed he was to our new business venture.

So he certainly got down to work pretty quickly.

And Daniel - who'd been convinced by Hernando that, as our first employee, he was onto a good thing - was equally determined to show us that he was pretty skilled in that area too.

Of course, you've gotta remember that we're dealing not just with two hot boys here but with two professional hot boys.

Daniel and Hernando know - and have done - just about everything in their time.

So, unlike some boys who will willingly take off their clothes for you but haven't got any idea what else to do, these two are pretty well practised at getting into all the right positions for the camera.

And, as professionals, they also know exactly what guys like us enjoy watching…

All in all, then, I think you'll agree that my new business partner and I have got off to a flying start.

My good friend Tyler tells me, in any case, that you guys aren't backwards in coming forward so I hope you'll give us some useful feedback on how we're doing.

Meanwhile I gotta get back to the boys.

'Cos we've just had our second commission…

Remember those unusual and specialised photoshoots I told you about?

There's certainly no rest for the wicked…

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