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Hernando / Diego

Hair type: Black / Black

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Daniel, Hernando & Diego, Daniel & Hernando, Hernando, Daniel & Diego, Diego, Diego, Jorge & Lorenzo



Pictures: 94 | Added: 08-16-2004

Looking at the various HMBoys' pics, you'd be excused for thinking that most of them have only got one thing on their mind.


(Stand up that man who said "Money"!)

Yes, sex.

But, as someone who gets to meet many of them (jeez, it's a tough life!), I know that for quite a few of them it's not just sex.

It's love.

Or, as the late, great Mr Barry White would put it, lurrrvvve…

And I have to announce that two of your favourite young Latino studlets have fallen victim to that very phenomenon.

If you look back to our April 5 update, you'll recall the memorable time we all had when Daniel, Diego and Hernando had a soapy "encounter" in the bathroom.

Usually, as time goes on bathwater gets cooler.

That was the day it just got hotter and hotter!

Anyway, by the time the shoot - in every sense - was over, it was too late for the three boys, all of whom live out of town, to get back home.

The photographer could, I guess, have offered to drive them - but during the course of the day he'd developed a more than passing interest in young Daniel and, as the boy was obviously up for it too, the pair of them disappeared into the main bedroom.

And that, of course, left Diego and Hernando to share the guest bedroom.

At first Diego tried to sleep while Hernando watched a little TV.

But Hernando soon got bored.

So instead he read a magazine (needless to say, in that house it was of the one-handed variety!)

But, even though that was a little quieter (apart from the rustling of the sheets!), on the other side of the room Diego still couldn't get to sleep.

Of course, as we all know, in those circumstances there's one special way to tire yourself out pretty quickly.

And, bearing in mind what Hernando had been reading, Diego guessed that his friend wouldn't object too much either.

He got out of bed and crossed the room.

To be honest, he says now, at the time he was pretty nervous.

After all, what they'd been doing earlier had been paid for.

And at that point in time he had absolutely no idea how Hernando might react to the idea of another performance - but this time just for fun…

But, as he slipped off Hernando's underwear, Diego knew that there wouldn't be any problems.

None at all.

Hernando was obviously just as keen as he was.

In fact, if that were possible, even more so…

Of course, as the saying has it, all good things cum to an end.

And that's especially the case, as HMBoys aficionados will know, with Hernando's own end, which has had many good things cum to it over the past couple of years.

As the boys tell the story, it was true love right from that moment.

Or maybe that should be true lurrrvvve…

Because, whenever they're around, Diego and Hernando always seem to be singing a song.

Their song.

How's it go?

Ah, yes…

You're my first… my last… my everything…

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