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Waylan / Ivan N

Hair type: Brown / Blond

Ethinicity: Eastern European / Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Waylan 2, Nicholas & Waylan, Waylan, Ivan N.



Pictures: 100 | Added: 06-26-2006

When we last heard from past HMBoys Waylan and Ivan, they were very definitely not very happy.

And it wasn't just that God-awful wallpaper that was making them miserable.

The two boys were simply down on their luck.

Big time.

Both had lost their jobs (too much late night partying, they coyly admitted) and they were about to be thrown out of their room.

So they were desperate that we'd hire them for another HMBoys shoot.

Unfortunately, at the time they called we were pretty much stocked up with material - and, even for two such good looking boys, we had to tell them that we were going to have to pass this time.

And that's when they made us an offer that we just couldn't refuse.

A duo set.

It turns out that the reason that the boys had been reluctant to try one before hadn't been because they were too shy. It was just that they'd assumed that, if they worked together, they'd have to split our usual fee between them.

So when we told them that no, our policy is to pay 100% of the usual going rate to each boy, they were over the moon.

And then their gloomy faces disappeared almost as quickly as their clothes.

It was their own idea to come up with the "boy wakes up in bed / the other boy's still asleep / the first boy decides to wake him up in his own special way" scenario.

I know - we've all seen it before.

But we felt so sorry for these two kids on their uppers that we couldn't turn them down.


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