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Pictures: 247 | Added: 05-04-2007


Have you noticed how quickly word gets around among the HMBoys?
No sooner do we have one hot Russian studlet on our site than all his friends seem to want to sign up too. (As a result, our hard-working photographer’s been rushed off his feet and will, no doubt, soon be able to retire on all the air miles he’s clocked criss-crossing the country from St Petersburg in the west to Vladivostok in the east.)
We’ve seen the same thing happening with our hot Latinos too.
And, not too long ago, we had quite a few Aussie boys almost battering our doors down in the hope of following in their mates’ footsteps and making a few quick bucks.
In fact, today’s update reprises two of our best-loved southern hemisphere cuties – Avian and Sebastian.
What’s new to say about these two?
Not a great deal, truth be told, but do we really need any excuse to parade them at their best before you once again?
Both pretty experienced at working for HMBoys by the time these particular pictures were taken, Avian and Sebastian hit it off really well together.
“We’d never met each other before we hooked up with the photographer in that hotel room”, says Avian, the chattier boy of the two, “but we soon found out that we had a lot in common.”
“Yes, we both like clubbing, cruising the beach and having a good time”, adds Sebastian.
“But we also found that we’re both pretty ambitious to get on in life and, since our first meeting, we’ve got together a few more times to talk about setting up our own business.
“We’re going to be offering naked boys as personal home helps, cleaners, cooks, waiters and anything else we can think of.”
In fact, it turned out that the only thing these boys didn’t see eye to eye on, according to the photographer, was the photoshoot itself.
“Both of them wanted to bottom”, he tells us, “and in the end we had to toss a coin to decide who it was going to be.
“Needless to say, tails won.”

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