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Hair type: Hat

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Kamil



Pictures: 189 | Added: 05-13-2013

With the looks he was blessed with, it's not surprising that young Kamil - just 18 years old - has decided to make the most of them while he can.

First of all he made a few straight porno movies in Prague.  He certainly enjoyed the work but, when the pay was being handed out at the end of shooting, he quickly realised that it wasn't going to be the way to make a fortune.  For obvious reasons, too many straight boys are willing to do the work for peanuts - or even for nothing at all! - so its just impossible to make a decent living that way.

But Kamil isn't just very cute... He’s a pretty bright boy too. 

He's always known very well that it isn’t only girls who like the look of him - and it didn’t take him long at all to draw the obvious conclusion!

So now he's embarked on a career in gay porn.  He’s already worked in both Prague and England (where he turned up completely unannounced on our producer’s doorstep after only meeting him briefly in Prague!)  As a result, he’s started becoming quite a familiar face on a few select gay websites.

And, much to his own surprise, Kamil's found that he really quite enjoyed his gay experiences...

As a result, he’s now found his first boyfriend, Martin, a young German doctor who's taking him to the Canary Islands this summer. 

And that sounds to us like all the excuse you need to book your flight right now!

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