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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Western European

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Jerome



Pictures: 148 | Added: 04-26-2010

Jerome's a migrant - one of the thousands who've moved from Africa in the past decade to find a better life in Europe.

And, as you can see from his smart haircut, his nice clothes and the fact that he clearly takes a lot of care over his body, he's been doing pretty well for himself.

Jerome's a smart cookie, too.

And he decided a while ago that it made sense to use all his undoubted assets to the full.

So he moved - as you do! - into the world of porn.

He told us that he'd made quite a few straight XXX movies already.

But, work being a little slow right now, he was quite prepared to consider diversifying into other markets...

So here he is as the latest HMBoy.

The shoot, though, didn't pass without incident.

Jerome wasn't, for instance, too happy with the idea that the photographer might actually have to touch him (strictly necessary, of course, to position a boy's bits and pieces exactly just so)...

And he wasreally pissed off with the thought that we might actually want some pictures of his asshole (for some reason that's quite often something that straight boys seem to think will make them look gay)...

But we knew that he wanted (a) the cash, and (b) the chance of more work with girls - and, the porn world being a pretty small one, he knew that our contacts could help him with that.

So we ended up with what we think is a pretty fine set of pictures.

For a youngster, cute and very handsome Jerome's got one of the best developed bodies we've seen in a long time...

Just look at his back and ass muscles in pic # 36...  Or his waist and thighs in pic # 58...

And don't forget, while you're at it, to check out that cute little (virgin!) asshole in pic # 99... 

And, for some other reason that I can't quite recall, it might also be a good idea to check out pic # 135 too!



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