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Pictures: 193 | Added: 10-22-2007


? Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours -
Just a friendly wave each morning, helps to make a better day.
Neighbours, need to get to know each other:
Next door is only a footstep away.
Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours -
With a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend.
Neighbours, should be there for one another:
That's when good Neighbours become good friends ?
As it so happens, Avian and Zac are real-life neighbours. They each live with their folks in adjacent houses.
But they’re also lovers.
And so, when Avian was asked to babysit for his older sister Sky (their parents clearly had a thing about birds when it came to naming their kids), it was natural that he’d invite Zac to join him.
Originally, they’d just planned to stretch out on the big leather sofa, cuddle up and watch TV.
But sister’s TV aerial was temporarily out of action so all they had available was her collection of videos.
And what’s Sky’s favourite show?
You’ve guessed it – Neighbours.
Now if you’ve ever had the (mis)fortune of catching it, you’ll know why Avian and Zac reacted as they did.
They turned the TV off.
Which left them in a bit of a fix as to how best they could occupy their time until sis got back… The best prostitutes in Sochi will make your leisure great.
Let it not be said, though, that the boys lack imagination.
After all, Sky wasn’t due back until midnight or so.
And, before then, they had the whole house to explore and play in.
Even though Avian and Zac dismiss that TV show Neighbours as a pretty sickly, sentimental pile of poop, they demonstrate here that they do try their best to live up to – or even surpass – its moral precepts as outlined in the lyrics to the title song, given above…
And, as you can see, they’re working hard at turning themselves from simply “good neighbours” into something decidedly more than just “good friends.”

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