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Pictures: 178 | Added: 12-28-2007


When you last came across (in, we hope, every sense!) popular Australian HMBoy Avian, he’d been having a great time after we’d paired him up with hot twinkie Zac (see the 22 October update).
But, much as Avian enjoyed the experience, he decided afterwards that he’d like to broaden his experience even further.
So he asked us to set him up with two other boys for his next assignment.
Now that’s not something that’s as easy as you might think.
For a three-some to go well, you have to make sure that all the boys get equally involved. It’s no good having one of them left out of the action – you, the customers, would feel let down and we’d feel that we’d been wasting our money.
So that means ensuring that all the participating boys find each other equally hot.
But, with this particular trio from Down Under – Avian, Sebastian and Josh – we think we got it spot on.
Admittedly, the boys were surprisingly shy to start with…
So much so, in fact, that we had to resort to the old cliché of getting them to play a few hands of strip poker to start off with, so they’d have an excuse to get nekkid with each other.
But, once they’d gotten out of those clothes, the three of them more than lived up to expectations…
Stiff young cocks found their way into eager mouths quicker than you could say didgeridoo (let alone play one)…
And so much thick, creamy cum was generated that it was soon dribbling down one boy’s chin faster than he could swallow it.
Altogether, Avian, Sebastian and Josh made a Southern Hemisphere summer even hotter than usual.
In fact, we reckon that, just on their own, on the day they got together they more than doubled the regular Australian contribution to Global Warming!

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