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Pictures: 127 | Added: 12-27-2004

What a strange name.


I looked it up.

That wasn't too easy, though.

Every since the boss got into his latest artsy-fartsy phase, he's wanted the writing on the HMBoys site to be more creative.

And, in order to achieve that, he threw out the office dictionary.

"Why are we hidebound by conventional words?", he said (after one too many glasses of chardonnay with the quiche, if you ask me).

"Let's liberate ourselves."

So, in order to look up avian, I had to use the prize book I'd won for a spelling test at school when I was nine years old.

Big Words for Big Boys.

(How the hell, I wonder, did they know even then?)

Avian: of, relating to or resembling a bird [from Latin avis bird]

Ah yes, I can see it all now.

Of course he'd be called Avian.

It's such an apt choice…

Eyes like a hawk…

A trim sparrow-like body with light, thin bones for ease of flight…

Exotically coloured plumage…

A tendency to moult its plumage according to the current climate and environment…

Well-developed legs and feet for added security on all terrains…

Ready and able to mate at any and every opportunity…

And a well-rounded rear end for balance.

Close inspection shows that this particular specimen has even been previously caught and ringed by a collector…

And it loves to keep its body clean with regular washing.


Well, as you'll soon be seeing in an upcoming duo set involving this delightful creature, he just loves a diet of really fresh seed.

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