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Pictures: 177 | Added: 10-17-2005


Doncha' love it?

No, I don't mean the fabulous HBO TV show (though, as we're mentioning it, I'd be pleased if anyone can tell me if/when we're likely to see season 6 on DVD?)

No, I'm referring to the other Oz.


Home to a number of weird looking creatures like the duck billed platypus.

But also home to some of the most beautiful boys to grace planet Earth.

And I'm not the only one to think that.

Because whenever we've put any boys from Oz up here on the site, you've loved them.

So when two of our existing HMBoys from Down Under - Sebastian and Jessie - offered to put on a two-some for us we popped a couple of kangaroo steaks on the Barbie, cracked open a few cans of Fosters Australian lager and told them to bring it on.

And we know you'll be delighted with the results.

It's one of the hottest sets we've had here on the site for a while.

Here, take a preview…

Of course, there's lots, lots more coming next week - but, in the meantime, we put in a trans-Pacific call to the boys' apartment to let them know just how well we thought they'd done.

Unfortunately, no-one answered the phone.

We can only guess that they must have been busy doing something else at the time!

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