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Pictures: 172 | Added: 08-25-2006

You'll remember Jackson.

He's the Aussie HMBoy who received a lot of positive feedback after his mild bondage session.

(Though in reality, if you take a look at the way the ropes are put together in his earlier set, you'd think that even a six year old Cub Scout with a basic knowledge of knots would be able to wriggle out of them.)

After all that feedback, we just had to team young Jackson up with another boy.

But Jackson was pretty adamant that he wasn't gonna be hog tied a second time.

"It's not so bad for solo stuff", he says.

"But if I'm gonna be in a session with a cute kid, I'd be wasting the opportunity if I couldn't do anything with him 'cos of the ropes.

"Fair dinkum!"

(OK, Jackson really didn't say the last bit, but we wanted to add a bit of Australian atmosphere - and it was either that or giving him a Crocodile Dundee hat for the pics.)

Jackson was pretty pleased with the partner we found for him...

HMBoy Avian

And the two of them quickly hit it off.

Scott seemed a pretty laid-back, cool guy.

But as for Jackson…

Well, when you get to see him in action, it's obvious why they thought they had to tie him up for the last set we showed you.

The boy is just insatiable!

Mind you, Avian was a hot little stud muffin, too.

As you'll see in full on Monday.

But there's no doubt who was the real star of the show this time around


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