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Gabriel M. / Guilles

Hair type: Brown / Brown

Ethinicity: Western European / Western European

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Guilles & Simon



Pictures: 223 | Added: 05-09-2016

As you know, the "HM" in HMBoys stands for "home made", the idea being that, whenever possible, we encourage boys who are too shy - or too remote - to be photographed professionally to get a friend to take the shots at home.

Well, the boys featured in today's set, Gabriel and Guilles, took that to a whole new level because they didn't just photograph each other - they got another friend to shoot pictures of the whole thing as it took place.

The original intention, so the boys tell us, was just to have a souvenir of their HMBoys adventure.

But, following the guidelines we send any would-be models, they'd avoided any sex - or even jacking off - for a few days in advance.  And it won't need us to tell you that, boys being boys, by the time they were all set up to take the pictures, cute Gabriel and Guilles were a pair of very horny boys indeed.  

So what started as just a solo photo session simply to make some cash rapidly became something very different indeed.

And, thankfully for us, that third friend was there with his finger on the shutter to record it all as it happened.


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