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Hair type: Shaved

Ethinicity: Latin American

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Hugo 2



Pictures: 141 | Added: 10-22-2015

Keeping all of you guys happy isn't easy, you know.

After all, as we're all too aware from long experience, some of you have quite specialist tastes.  Dark haired boys... blond boys... skinny boys... muscular boys... top boys... bottom boys... white boys... black boys...

But the great thing from our point of view is the common denominator that you could hardly have helped noticing in that list - BOYS!

And so, on the principle that variety is the spice of life, this week we add a little muscle to the HMBoys roll call in the form of Hugo.

For those of you who follow Oscar Wilde's inclination towards "feasting with panthers", Hugo's your boy.

He's a little rough, a little tough, but, thankfully for us and for you, more than a little in need of some quick cash.

Indulging our "panthers" fantasy just a little, we like to imagine that he needs it to pay a fine to avoid a spell in jail... Or maybe to finance a bit of personal skullduggery...

And so, if he really needs the cash just to buy his dear old grandma a birthday present, we really don't want to know.

For now, we're more than happy with our entirely imagined fantasies about young Hugo - though, based on these pictures, we'd certainly have no objection whatsoever to exploring the real thing too!


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