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Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: North American

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Cory & Robby, Thomas & Cory



Pictures: 83 | Added: 12-10-2001

Hi. I’m Cory.

And I’m gay.

No, not the pay-for-gay type of kid that I know you find on lots of websites like this one.

I’m the real thing.

Not, mind you, that many people know. And even they only know about me because I choose to tell them.

The fact is that you’d never guess that I was gay. I think I must be something really weird - a gay boy trapped in a straight body.

Let me explain.

I don’t like Madonna. I don’t like clubbing. I don’t like dancing. I don’t do drugs - even the soft ones. And, I don’t care about clothes.

I do like my mom and dad. I do get on well with my little brother. I play the piano. I like to stay in and watch documentary programmes on TV. And here’s the killer - I like sport.

Yes, I just don’t seem to fit in with gay life as I read about it and hear about it.

But I’m still happy.

And I guess I’m happiest after a tough game of ice hockey.


OK, I admit it, the fact that there are plenty of good-looking guys out there with me on the ice at the time is a pretty big incentive.

And so too are the showers after the game.

To be honest, I’ve always dreaded getting an erection and giving myself away as I look at all those hot boys soaping themselves up.

But it’s never actually happened, thank God, so I guess that’s another way in which my body says “straight” even when my brain is shouting “GAY”.

But as soon as I get home, even my body has to admit defeat.

Luckily, Thursday nights, when the hockey team trains, is also when mom, dad and my brother go to church choir practice.

Which leaves the house to me and what’s now become my regular routine.

I don’t change out of my hockey gear straight away. I like the sweaty feel of it. Maybe it’s some sort of fetish (I like reading too!) but I don’t think so.

I just lay back on the couch and think about the guys in the team - and especially how they looked just an hour or so before in the showers.

Man, I can almost still smell them!

My favourite teammate is Keith. I hardly know him outside of the team but I can’t imagine a better-looking boy.

He’s got a hard, tight, muscular body topped by the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen and black curly hair. I guess that he’s nothing special in the dick department - but then, like I said, I’m not your typical gay boy and that kind’a stuff doesn’t matter to me much at all.

But just thinking about Keith is enough to get me worked up, if you take my meaning.

And what I like to do then is slowly take off my top, pinch and rub my nipples and loosen my pants.

You remember that I told you I wasn’t interested in clothes? Well, you can see that in the next picture.

Have you ever seen such tacky underwear?

My only excuse is that I was wearing those shorts in the game when I first got the puck into the back of the net - so I’ve gone on wearing them ever since as a sort of good luck charm. I’ve been wearing them for so long, in fact, that the guys on the team have even given up joshing me about them now.

Even though I’ve never had proper sex with anyone yet, I’ve already worked out what I think I’m going to like to do.

I just love playing with my own ass.

I’ve tried shoving my fingers and even bigger things up there - though not the hockey stick yet! - and it feels soooo great. I guess that means that one day soon I’m gonna have to take the plunge and get fucked (Keith - are you out there listening to this???)

When I take off my pants I just love the sensation of the cold air playing around my butt hole. I think you can see here how much I love it!

By the time I’ve got out of my clothes I’m usually as hard as a rock. That’s when I go into my bedroom and lock the door - just in case the pastor’s chosen short hymns for the choir to practice.

I stretch out on top of the bed with my legs wide apart.

And then, as I rub my ass….

…and then it’s never too long before I get real excited and cum.

Maybe to you guys, out there in the “gay world” that I only ever read about, I look and sound pretty stupid.

For the time being, though, it’s enough for me.

For now…

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