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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Latino 4 Way, Carlos & Max, Carlos & Max, Latino 4 Way, Max



Pictures: 112 | Added: 11-18-2002

The webmaster tells me that the kid who was writing here last week started off by asking what's in a name?

The point, in his case, was that he'd made up a new name to fit in with his personality… and his looks… and his body.

But I'm going about things, I've gotta tell you, exactly the other way around.

Because I'm trying to get a body that lives up to my real name.

To be exact, I'm trying to get a dick that lives up to my real name.


It's an important thing to do.

And I expect you know why.

You've heard of me quite a few times already on this site - me and my brother.

Max and Carlos Duarte.

So you already know that, In my particular line of work, I'm in competition with the likes of Eddie, Alvaro and my own brother.

And that means that whenever a rich American's in town - and it's only the gay ones who bother to come here - we all make a bee-line for the pool at the villa he's staying in and try to attract his attention.

The trouble for me is that the other three are the pretty, cute sort of boys that most guys seem to prefer.

I'm a bit more hunky (is that how you say it?) on the other hand - as you can see here.

So the American guys who choose me rather than the others generally want more of a rough time, if you take my meaning.


A thorough servicing, you could say.

Which is why it's important that I get - and keep - my sausage in tip-top shape.

And tip top size.

One of the Americans told me that the key to achieving that is constant exercise - of your dick.

He even showed me how to do it.

Such a kind man!

So every day that's what I do.

First I just let my dick warm up a little in the sunshine.

Then the trick is to keep it moist - so I usually take a dip at that point (though not when Eddie and Alvaro are about smooching each other in the water!)

The warm water is so invigorating and stamina-building that I can feel my dick growing virtually as soon as I get in the pool.

So it's not long before I have to take off my swimming trunks to allow my pores to breathe properly down there.

And I make sure, while I'm at it, that I let the water penetrate every single little bit of me down there too.

After half an hour or so of that I get out of the pool and sit on a lounger in the sun.

This is where the real skill comes.

It's all in the fingers.

Bending - twisting - manipulation…

Believe me, it's the way to increase your size.

Now, as we're such good friends already, I'm going to let you into a little secret.

There's one more way to help make your sausage grow big.

It's a trick taught me by the kind American.

He said there's a part of your body - inside your body, right - that will make your dick grow if you give it a regular massage.

It's called the prostate, or something like that.

So, even though this sounds real dirty - and it's definitely not something you want to do in front of your friends - you gotta get your fingers right up to that thing inside you and massage it real good.

Like this…

And I promise you - on my mother's life - that if you do that regularly you too will find that your dick grows real good.

And, not only that, but you'll get much more virile too.

And much more messy…

…just like my customers want.


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