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Cory / Robby

Hair type: Blond / Brown

Ethinicity: North American / North American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Thomas & Cory, Cory, Robby & Thomas, Robby



Pictures: 87 | Added: 02-17-2003

Brothers - don'cha luv 'em?

Yes, I guess I do - though I usually prefer them one at a time!

Boom! Boom!

Ah, the old ones are the best ones, don'cha think?

Anyway, I never actually had a brother. So all I can say from personal experience is yeah, I love them all right - other people's brothers, that is...

But I know so many guys who tell me that their first sexual experience was with their own brother that I bet the sort of thing we're gonna be taking a peek at today is much more popular than many people think.

After all, if you stick two hot kids in the same small bedroom, and then the hormones start to kick in, whad'ya think's gonna happen?

Hymn singing?

No... more likely him sucking.

Anyway, that takes us to Cory and Robby.

We last saw them, I think, just over a year ago.

And, if there's any truth in the song what a diff'rence a day makes, then the difference that three or four hundred of the darned things can make is phenomenol.

Cory's got blonder and spikier - definitely going for the cool dude look - and probably blushing all the way to his improbably colored roots if you ever reminded him that not so long back he was doing something so definitely un-cool as playing ice hockey.


The changes in Robby have been even more dramatic. If you don't believe me, check out our Christmas 2001 Exclusives set. (Sorry, Robby - but if we're gonna embarrass Cory with his ice hockey pictures then it's only fair that we draw the guys' attention to your Santa outfit!)

Of course, even if their faces and overall builds have altered, some of their other distinctive assets are still instantly recognisable.

Cory and Robby, I'll remind you, have always been rivals. And in the past it's always been older bro Cory who's had the upper hand.


But all that's changed, as you'll see, in the past year.

Because in that time youngster Robby's lost his puppy fat, put on an amazing number of inches - and not just in height, either - and is now, most definitely, a young man.

One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the brothers' constant rivalry with each other.

As we're gonna see right now.

Because, when we met up with the pair of them again, what wanted to know - surprise, surprise! - was whether things had changed downstairs...

Or, to be blunt - which kid's got the bigger dick?

Bigger-but-younger Robby? Or smaller-but-older Cory?

When it was just a case of trying to work that one out visually, the boys just couldn't agree.

And that, as usual with this particular pair, led to a fight.

And even putting the question to the expert and totally independent judgement of the photographer failed to produce a decisive result.

So there was nothing for it, if we were to settle this one without recourse to a potentially lethal round of dildos at dawn, but to ask the boys to maximise their assets, so to speak, and then to reach a verdict scientifically.

We weren't sure whether it was more stimulating for the boys to work themselves up to their full potential or to help each other out.

So we let them try both...

But the darned thing was that Cory and Robby weren't just like ordinary brothers - they were like goddamned twins when it came to trying to tell their two dicks apart just by looking at them.

(Even though, believe me, our photographer spent an immense amount of time doing just that - purely, of course, on your behalf!)

In the end, as we'd suspected all along, it was necessary to call on the help of some pretty hi-tech equipment to make the call.

But even so, as far as we could tell, the result was an absolute dead heat.

Which meant two things...

First, we decided that we'd have to organise a rematch at some point in the future (any offers to be the judge?)

And second, if these two kids were determined to get something over each other right now, and it wasn't gonna be a length-of-dick contest, then we'd have to cum up with some sort of other contest real quick...

Thankfully Cory and Robby knew just the sort of competition they really enjoyed...

 But, to see who won that particular contest, you'll have to wait for the full set of their pictures next week...

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