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Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: North American

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Justin & Cody



Pictures: 95 | Added: 07-26-2004





Yes, you're quite right - you have seen this boy before.

And it's not this week's HMBoy Justin.

No, it's Cody.

You saw him here in April this year - so what the heck's he doing here on some other boy's page?

Well, if you look up Cody's picture set, you'll see that we had him figured originally as straight.

But then something happened during his photoshoot.

Cody discovered his ass.

Go on - take a look (but just remember to cum back to this page after you do!)

Anyway, the point is that about a week after we'd taken his pics, we got a call from Cody.


Right out of the blue.

And what he had to say amazed us too.

He'd already spent the money we paid him for his first set of pics, so now he wanted to earn some more.

OK, no surprise so far…

But maybe, he wondered, we might pay him just a dollar or two more this time if he did something with another boy?


But there was just one little problem.

Cody didn't know any other boys who would be prepared to do that - so could we suggest someone?

Before you could say "KY jelly", we had Cody back here in the office, going through all the files.

Did he like this one?

"No, he's too big and muscular…"

That one?

"No, he's too queeny…"

Well, what about the other one?

And, in the end, it was the other one that Cody settled on for his upcoming duo.

The "other one" is Justin.

He's just 18 and a beautiful (bottle) blond cutie.

So just what was it about Justin that made Cody choose him?

"Well", said Cody, "I think he looks a cool kinda boy, just like me.

"And he looks like a kid who takes care of his body - that's just like me too."

"He's got a nice smile as well - and those big lips sure look as though they're pretty good at whatever it is they do."

So Cody, we asked, what other things about Justin made you pick on him?

Cody looked embarrassed.

"Well", he said, "this kid's certainly well-developed - and I guess that, if I'm gonna do this kinda shit at all, I may as well do it properly.

"And, 'cos it's my first time, I need someone who knows what he's doing and likes it. I don't want to have to make all the running myself.

"This kid certainly looks as though he's up for it all."

And just maybe, Cody, we suggested, Justin's got one or two other areas of interest that you might consider exploring?

"Well, yes", Cody admitted, "there is that too.

"If I'm gonna get into this thing, I might as well try everything that's on offer."

So it was that, before the day was out, we'd put in a call to Justin and fixed up for the upcoming duo between him and Cody.

I think you'll like it.

After all, as Cody himself pointed out, when it comes to their favourite hobbies and interests it's amazing just how much the two of them have in common.

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