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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Juan & Libardo, Juan & Libardo



Pictures: 86 | Added: 11-15-2004

Lots of you think you know the HMBoys.

I don't mean that you actually know them personally (though that doesn't stop some of you criss-crossing a whole continent from time to time when you think you've recognised a geographical landmark and have worked out where some cutie-pie or another actually lives!)

No, what I mean is that you think you know something about them.

And, when I sometimes talk to you guys (yes, we do talk to our customers from time to time!) one of your most common assumptions is that the HMBoys just strut their stuff for the money.

Well, let's be honest.

I guess most of them do.

They want a new bike… They want to buy a gift to impress the girl (or boy!) down the block… They need to find next month's rent… They need to pay off a loan shark…

We've heard all the reasons going.

But a surprising number of the HMBoys aren't - or claim they aren't - doing it for the money at all.

A surprising number of them, it seems, just get off on the whole exhibitionism thing of the posing experience.

And that certainly includes Libardo.

He's never been too interested in the money.

After all, he's already got himself a nice little car…

And, unlike most of the other boys, money isn't invariably the first thing he brings up in conversation.

No, whenever he visits his friend who takes the pics, it just seems to be the thrill of what he's doing that turns this particular kid on - and how!

My own suspicion is that he's from a pretty repressed background and that his HMBoys photo sessions are his only means he's got of expressing the real Libardo…

But this one's a quiet boy who chooses not to tell us much about his background.

And, as long as he goes on looking this good in front of the lens, we're not going to upset him by probing too deeply into his motivation (though, of course, in Libardo's case we'd love to probe as deeply as possible in certain other areas!)

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