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Sergio / Ricardo

Hair type: Black / Black

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Fabio, Sergio & Edwin, Giovanni, Sergio & Edwin, Ricardo



Pictures: 111 | Added: 01-30-2005


Not the sort you learned at school - you know, H2O + H2SO4 = BANG!

(Forgive me - and please don't write in - if that particular combination just goes "phutt!" - I was probably concentrating more on the chemistry teacher than the chemistry itself that day!)

No, it's personal chemistry I'm talking about.

And that, as you'd expect, matters to us a lot here at HMBoys.

We know that you like to see hot duo action.

Boys at play - kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking…

But bringing two boys together can be a tricky business, especially if they've never met each other before.

You just have no idea at all in advance whether the chemistry will lead to an explosion - or just a gooey mess.

To be honest with you, we'd originally hoped to bring you a 4-some this week.

That would have been a real technical challenge for the photographer - eight arms, eight legs, four heads, four torsos, four dicks, eight balls and four assholes.

Trying to show all that clearly in a photoshoot can be hell.

And to do it successfully you need four very cooperative, supportive, confident - and physically very flexible! - boys.

But, as it turned out, we didn't have that.

Sure, Sergio and Ricardo got along pretty well together.

But the third and fourth boys - Edwin and Jarrison - just didn't seem to gel with the other two so in the end we decided to get them shot as a separate pair and you'll be seeing them in a couple of weeks time.

So what we've got here is Sergio (in the cap - at least to start with!) and Ricardo.

Mind you, at first even they didn't seem to keen on getting it together.

Instead of interacting, they just seemed to want to sit nervously - and a very long way apart from each other - at opposite ends of the room.

Sergio would talk…

And then Ricardo would say something…

But for ages neither seemed prepared to get up and actually do anything!

In the end, it was Ricardo who broke the ice and moved towards the other boy.

Maybe sucking that lollipop for so long had given him a few other, more interesting ideas!

I have to admit, a worn down piece of candy wasn't the first thing I'd expected to see shoved into Sergio's mouth that afternoon…

…but at least it was a start.

And, from then on, there was no holding those boys back.

The heat was so intense you could almost touch it.

Like I said - sheer chemistry!

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