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Artem / Pavlik

Hair type: Brown / Blond

Ethinicity: Eastern European / Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Artem, Cherub & Pavlik, Artem, Pavlik



Pictures: 141 | Added: 01-30-2006

Remember this?

HMBoys: So, do you plan to keep going in this work?

Pavlik: Well, I guess that I might have another year or two left in the business. But what I'd really like to do is to work behind the camera. After all, the money looks like it's quite good! [Pavlik gestures around the studio that we're in.]

HMBoys: Well, maybe we can commission some work from you when you start in that line of work…

Pavlik: Yes - that would be great! And I already know exactly how I'm going to start…

HMBoys: How?

Pavlik: Don't you remember? Back home I've got those five brothers - and they're all looking for work…

Well, when we recently got a phone call from Moscow, of all places, along with a message to call Pavlik, you can imagine how we felt.

Maybe he was about to produce one of those brothers for us…?


After the way you all reacted to the "original" Pavlik, how, we asked ourselves, could we fail to keep you happy with yet another fish from the same highly attractive gene pool?

But, having stayed up well into the early hours to get our call through, we began to get cold feet.

Although it was a very poor line, what we did manage to get clear over the international crackle was that Pavlik wanted to do a shoot along with another boy.

That day.

So he needed to get our go-ahead right then.

But, we suddenly thought, is he going to have sex with one of his brothers?

Isn't that incest or something? (And you try reaching your lawyer at 3 am to ask a question like that.)

[Yes, I know that we've already got a set of twins on the HMBoys site - but they don't actually interact in the way that it was all too crystal clear, crackling line or not, that Pavlik intended to…]

Fortunately, for some strange reason, the international crackle on Pavlik's cell phone suddenly cleared up (we found out later that the horny little fucker had at last come out from the dark alley where he'd been giving a passing comrade an enthusiastic blowjob while talking to us at the same time!)

And then we realised that we weren't being offered one of Pavlik's brothers, after all.

But it was one of his family.

His cousin Artem.

And, Pavlik assured us, the two of them were just like peas in a pod.

We sure were relieved.

After all, sex with your cousin must be OK.

Otherwise half the population of Mississippi and Louisiana would be locked away behind bars right now.

So we said an enthusiastic "yes" to Pavlik's proposal.

And, when we got the resulting photos, we knew at once that we'd made the right call.

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