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Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Viktor 2



Pictures: 137 | Added: 04-02-2007


If Merrick (29 December 2006) was your kind of boy, then today’s model Viktor is going to be very much your cup of tea – or, rather, your glass of vodka.
Yes, young Viktor is another one of our Russian discoveries, found when we stopped off in St Petersburg on the last leg of our recent talent scouting trip to Europe.
We were, in fact, so impressed with Viktor that we’d have brought him home with us if we could – but, in the meantime, we made sure that we shot plenty of material. (You’ll be seeing a second set of his pictures in the near future.)
So what can we tell you about this 18 years old studling?
He’s got a strikingly beautiful face, with dark pools of eyes and deeply kissable lips…
A body to die for…
Neatly trimmed pubes surrounding a beautiful cock that grows into something pretty substantial, not to say positively mouthwatering…
And a fabulous ass that’s just crying out for a much more detailed examination.
That’s what we can tell you.
Not much, maybe – but it’s far more than Viktor could.
Because he doesn’t speak a single word of English.
Fortunately, however, we understood at least a couple of words of Russian.
One was “nyet”.
And the other – which, we’re very pleased to report, Viktor used on every occasion that we asked him to do something for us – was “da”.
Or, in the case of one particularly memorable and personal request (that, however, we won’t be showing you on the site): “da… DA!”

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